What I will be honest about is how rough my edges were as a kid, the luxury of strong adult examples to sharpen my mental, social, and spiritual blades were scarce.  It was inevitable my brothers and I would get into neighborhood fights, that’s how it goes and all you know in the G-H-E-T-T-O.  You’re trained to use your fists and your brain is just soft tissue that fills the space in your skull.  Underhanded schemes and stealing were accepted behavior, and anything less is uncivilized. 


Ferry money was good when we got it, but we knew nothing about the value of a dollar and would blow our cash in minutes.  Entrepreneur was not a word that Ma’s generation knew much about so they couldn’t pass on any lessons, to them the term felt more like something that was worshiped by the devil.  Following the brainwash program is believed to be the most authentic religion on the planet; finish high school and get a job. Your occupation didn’t matter, as long as you punched a clock in the Matrix you were a good boy going places.  I’d quickly find out that there’s a force that disapproves of freewill.  This energy is content with folk relying on the system informing you on what to accept or reject.